How to Guide ~ Volume 1

LTT Vending’s How to Guide to fix simple errors with your Flavia Creation 400 Office Coffee Machine.

LTT Vending’s How-to-Guide for the Flavia Creation 400 guides you through the simple steps to solving the typical Flavia Creation 400 coffee machine errors, so you can get your office coffee machine up and running in just a few minutes.

ERROR 328 ~ Pack Eject Timeout and ERROR 321 ~ Pack Inject Timeout

Flavia Creation 400 front with sachet

Flavia Creation 400 Machine with door open and drink sachet within

These errors mean a Flavia Drinks Sachet is stuck in the machine – here’s how you can remove the sachet and test your machine.

1. Place your palm on the front of the machine door with your fingers cupped underneath.  Brace the machine with your other hand and pull the door towards you with a sharp tug! It is designed to come off – you will NOT break it! You will hear a satisfying noise…

Flavia Creation 400 with the Front Off

Flavia Creation 400 coffee machine with the Front Off

2. Now the door is off you can look inside the machine for the rogue sachet… it may be attached to something that looks like a fork. The fork moves so wiggle the sachet to release it, you can also trim it with scissors if you prefer. If the Pin is still stuck in the sachet switch the machine off and on, this will reset the machine; the Pin will retract and drop the sachet.

Flavia Machine Sachet Fork

Flavia Machine Sachet Fork

3. Take a damp cloth and wipe inside the machine to remove any residue. Then slide the door back in.

4. Finally switch the machine

off and on to reset – and the machine is now operational again.