A single serve coffee for the Christmas season.

As we all gear up for Christmas, buying presents and food, preparing for the party season, a caffiene kick is needed to keep us warm and spur us on, out into the cold.

What is called for is a luxurious speciality coffee that is full of the rich and indulgent flavours of Christmas.

A Mars Hazelnut Latte, served from a Flavia Coffee Machine, hits all the right notes. Hazelnut coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters, exclusively for the FLAVIA Creation 400 single serve coffee machine, is a luxurious blend of medium roasted coffee beans and continental and Christmassy flavour of Hazelnut.

The indlugent drinks for Flavia function allows the Hazelnut Coffee to be blended with the Mars Swirl for a Caramel Latte Twist.

Hazelnut Mars Latte from Flavia Coffee Machine

Try adding Flavia's Mars Swirl to the Hazelnut Coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters for a Christmas Indelugent Coffee.