A single serve coffee for the Christmas season.

As we all gear up for Christmas, buying presents and food, preparing for the party season, a caffiene kick is needed to keep us warm and spur us on, out into the cold.

What is called for is a luxurious speciality coffee that is full of the rich and indulgent flavours of Christmas.

A Mars Hazelnut Latte, served from a Flavia Coffee Machine, hits all the right notes. Hazelnut coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters, exclusively for the FLAVIA Creation 400 single serve coffee machine, is a luxurious blend of medium roasted coffee beans and continental and Christmassy flavour of Hazelnut.

The indlugent drinks for Flavia function allows the Hazelnut Coffee to be blended with the Mars Swirl for a Caramel Latte Twist.

Hazelnut Mars Latte from Flavia Coffee Machine

Try adding Flavia's Mars Swirl to the Hazelnut Coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters for a Christmas Indelugent Coffee.



Bean to Cup Coffee Machines; dispelling the myths.

Bean to cup coffee machines

If you speak to any self confessed “coffee connisseur” they will explicate the virtues of bean to cup coffee machines to produce true barista style – coffee shop quality hot drinks. Many businesses will install a bean to cup coffee machine into their offices, believing they enhance the corporate image. However this is a fallacy! Find out the reality of bean to cup coffee.

 1 – “Bean to Cup produces the freshest quality coffee”

Reality –  Coffee beans begin to go stale after just 3 days! Therefore if you fill up your bean hopper on Monday morning and dont drink it all before Wednesday, your coffee will lose it’s freshness and subsequent drinks will taste bitter. Coffee beans themsleves can also vary in quality reducing the consistancy of the taste of coffee produced.

 2 – “Bean to Cup is the only way to get an authentic espresso and coffee shop style specialty drinks.”

Reality – True espresso needs to have water passed through the ground coffee at 9 bar pressure – this is what creates the crema. Most bean to cup coffee machines do not use 9 bar pressure, instead the water is drip fed through the coffee in much the same way a filter coffee machine does.

Most bean to cup machines are only able to use 2 types of beans max. therefore not offering a complete range to cover individual taste preferences. Eventhough they may use fresk milk to make Cappuccinos and other speciality drinks most don’t offer Tea (and if they do it’s usually instant tea which is of very low quality.)

 3 – “Bean to Cup Coffee Machines are a stylish and cost effective addition to our office?”

Bean to cup coffee machines are noisy and can be quite cumbersome due the the amount of moving parts inside, the bean hopper, grinder, brewer etc.  The more moving parts a machine has the more chance there is of something going wrong. The average bean to cup machine breaks down and requires a call out 4 times a year. This unreliability increases the cost of service cover per machine.

The number of service calls has a direct relationship to the overall maintenance of the machine. The moving parts within a bean to cup machine all require a weekly deep clean to remove the build up of coffee grounds and residue, and prevent the contaminantion of the drinks. A leased machine should have the deep clean treatment incorporated into the rental costs as general maintenance. If not this cost is usually recouped through a lack of quality service and subsequent machine failures and service callouts.

Why not check you machine? Run a rinse cycle and the water should come out crystal clear! If not that water is going into your drinks!

Of course there will always be those who wish to have a bean to cup machine dispite the realities and practicalities. However it is now possible to get the range and quality of coffee shop drinks, using freshly ground ingredients, from a single-serve coffee machine designed for commercial environments.

Before investing in a coffee machine for your office, it’s worthwhile to have demonstration and even taste test of a modern single serve machine, find out how they compare to bean to cup.